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Reducing the pain of work – ergonomic office furniture Nottingham

A recent research conducted by fellowes (The Global Ergonomic Accessories Company), identified that badly chosen furniture and poor working habits are leading to reduced productivity and worse-absence caused by back and other muscular skeletal problems, now 1 in 5 Europeans.

ergonomic office furnitureThe company looked at 4 key zones.

  1. Preventing back tension
  2. Avoiding wrist pressure
  3. Relieving neck strain
  4. Ensuring a healthy environment


The main reasons for discomfort in the workplace are cited as slouching in seats and poor posture or improper support impacting on both productivity and overall health and wellbeing. To avoid strain when at your workstation it’s important to sit in a neutral posture, sitting back into the chair with legs parallel to the floor. This position encourages movement, improves circulation and enhances overall comfort.


Following a number of simple steps can help to prevent short and long-term pain.


  1. Adopt a neutral posture. If you are unable to change your workstation chair with better ergonomic features and benefits then a back support will provide firm support to the back natural curve, encouraging you to sit in a position that requires the smallest amount of muscle activity, helping to reduce muscle strain and discomfort.
  2. One in four people suffer from pain or injury caused by pressure on the wrists. Wrist supports will help to relieve this pressure and prevent potential injury.
  3. To prevent severe neck pain (which accounts for almost a third of absences from work), sit approximately  an arm’s length away from your screen, which should be at the correct height and in front of you for comfortable viewing (eye level is recommended).
  4. Take regular breaks – ideally away from your desk and technology.


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