Soft and Beam Seating

Soft / beam seating allows for different configuration and shape options to enhance and renovate public spaces. Understated, unique and fun designs are available to provide flexible singular or multi solutions. Colour options can remain funky; as various fabric and vinyl manufacturers are offered. All soft / beam seating options adhered to British standards for health, safety of well-being of all individuals.

The main two sections which complete this range are; Soft and Beam seating

Soft Seating

Soft Seating


Quality at an affordable price. Available in different configurations and shapes. Often suited to large open spaces providing comfortable seating to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

From the best soft seating manufacturers in the UK an explosion of beautiful design and creativity. Characterise, enhance and transform your reception/public space into a delightful warm colourful and comfortable place for meeting and greeting, or just relaxing.


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Beam Seating

Beam Seating


Beam Seating can be as elaborate or minimalistic as your own requirements demand, but by definition it will provide you with integral strength, quality components for longevity and easy reconfiguration.

Due to the flexibility beam seating provides a perfect solution for any interior helping maximise space efficiency without compromising comfort and design.


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