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Creating coworking spaces in your office

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. Many people are seeing coworking spaces as a healthy alternative to working from home or within your own independent office. This tends to be because of the range of companies and projects that operate in coworking spaces and how they can feed off each other.

One benefit that many people cite from coworking, is that they feel it provides them with real meaning to their work. This is in no part because these spaces are designed to have a sense of community which encourages collaboration, learning and sustainability.

But coworking spaces can provide additional perks, not only a functional place to work. This can include things such as workout spaces, catering provision, conference rooms and further amenities. This means when it comes to design, a greater importance is placed upon the ability to balance work and personal life with facilities that meet the demands of the modern-day employee.

Coworking spaces provide flexibility. They can operate 24/7 which means it allows people to decide when and where to work to suit their needs. They also provide a great sense of community because a shared space allows you to surround yourself with not only like-minded individuals but also to intersperse with people operating across different sectors. Being together in the same operating space means that networking opportunities are endless.

A good social element to work and well-designed surroundings can also help to increase work productivity by diverting from distractions people have when working at home and surrounding people with fellow committed professionals.

Because of these benefits, good workspace design is vital to make the shared working spaces the most optimal it can be.

And with one of the real benefits of coworking being flexibility, that has to be the key phrase when approaching design.

  • It is crucial to have areas that are private or simply quiet, whilst also providing areas that people can mingle and collaborate within

  • Vary the seating in the space. A combination of different styles, desks and chairs, pods and beanbags – all will help to provide workers with fresh perspective, helping to create an environment that help to stimulate workers minds

  • Like mainstream office design, greener designed buildings help to reduce work-related stress and anxiety

  • Good catering spaces will also help to provide an extra area for people to collaborate and network

  • But don’t forget the basics – lighting, climate control and the provision of office essentials. It is good infrastructure that makes an office work well

Thinking about office renovation or refurbishing a space to create a coworking space - get in touch with our design team. Looking for inspiration visit our portfolio to see some of our most recent work including the creation of flexible coworking spaces. 

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