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How much office space do I need?

When it comes to analysing and identifying how much office space you might require as a business, we recommend that you do not deviate far from the core aspect of clearly understanding the requirements of your employees.

It is a fact that your employees spend an awful lot time in the office, so when planning new office space do not just consider aesthetic measures. Also factor in comfort for your employees but also design the resultant office space so it is easy for them to undertake their roles.

Office design is not just about utilising space efficiently. The design of the office layout and accompanying environment will influence both employee well-being and productivity. Ultimately bad office space design can have financial implications for a business if it leads to factors such as increasing stress levels across the workforce, creates barriers between workers, introducing physical conditions that employees have to overcome and an environment that could induce potential mental health issues.

Good office design can foster greater collaboration, enhance comfort and calm amongst employees and promote greater productivity.

Office space design is more than just a rearrangement of desks. It must be planned effectively and relate to the work that the business does. Good design is also practical design. Ultimately employees must be able to do their jobs without being constricted.

Our advice would be, do not be too trend driven. Be aware of trends but ensure that you design for you and your company. Do not merely design purely around something you have seen that you might personally find visually appealing.

It really helps motivate employees if they are involved in the design process. This means you will end up with something that the employees feel engaged with, helping to hopefully bond them with the company and its aspirations.

In the design consider space that you might need for collaboration purposes, ensure you have contingency for this. Pay attention to lighting and if it physically allows you, consider including space that will allow your employees to relax and unwind.

Finally, and something that can be easily overlooked, seek to design with future growth in mind. Always look to design for tomorrow, not just for today.

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