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Office Design Trends to Watch in 2020

Predicting trends is always a dangerous occupation but we are going to try. This look ahead is based upon what we have seen in the last twelve months to signpost with some accuracy what might be some of the office design ideas we might see over the next twelve months.

There is one key theme emerging and this is converging with wider societal issues – the issue of sustainability, but more on that a little later.

The use of natural light is nothing new in office design, but it continues to be prevalent in the requirements of modern office lighting design solutions. We expect this to only continue in 2020. Designers also appear to be embracing a retro approach from both an internal and external perspective. This is not just about the style of furniture used in office fit-outs, but it seems to be influencing the choice of buildings used for office design as well. A number of old and iconic buildings across towns and cities are being used and having a new lease of life breathed into them. This choice of buildings picks up on a popular design aspect that buildings themselves tell a story, and through the modernisation of these spaces, the business which is the tenant is telling their own story too.

Wood is making a comeback and not just on flooring. This combined with a desire for the use of bold colours, especially on walls makes for a vibrant office design which encompasses a combination of both retro/modern feelings.

Boardrooms and meeting rooms are evolving as well. No longer the preserve of just the executive, these spaces are being integrated into the flexible multipurpose spaces that the remainder of the office design is focused upon. Practical but functional seems to be the watch word.

But the key theme into 2020 remains sustainability. For many designers sustainable design equals responsible design. Today more and more employers are looking to use innovation and rapidly developing technologies to create wellness led design, with the outcome of creating attractive and functional spaces to increase well-being amongst their workforces.

For many people a green or sustainable led design is also seen as one that in the long-term is both cost and energy efficient. Sustainable design involves the use of energy saving technology, sustainable materials, recycling and repurposing to support long term ecological balance. And balance is the key in design, from the aesthetics to functionality. The office design must be able to function, look current and importantly sustain itself. The design also needs to grow with the business, so needs adaptability built into its interior design specification.

Will we be provided right this year? Only time will tell.

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