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Open Plan vs. Closed: Which Kind of Office is Best for Business?

Love them or hate them, open plan offices are everywhere. From massive multinationals to small start-ups, this type of office layout has been a firm favourite of businesses across the globe for years, but not without some controversy.

When open plan offices were first introduced, they were heralded as the new frontier for productivity. But are open plan offices really more productive, or are closed offices better for business? The truth is, the best choice of office design really comes down to what your unique company needs, and each has different advantages and disadvantages based on the nature of your business.

There’s no denying that open plan offices are great for collaboration and team spirit.
Having all your staff sat together, with no physical barriers between them, is a great way to encourage the sharing of ideas.
Your staff can interact with each other throughout the day, and lend each other a hand with any difficult tasks that crop up, enhancing the level of teamwork within your business.

Of course, if your business relies on individual quiet work, an open plan office could wreak havoc on your team’s productivity.
Noise travels a lot more easily in an open plan office, so if you have employees who prefer silence, they may be disrupted by other members of staff who are sharing ideas aloud.

Supervising a team is significantly easier in an open plan office; when everyone is working out in the open, keeping track of your employees’ activities is as simple as taking a stroll.
This does come however come with the disadvantage of a lack of privacy; a factor which could cause significant stress for your more introverted employees.

An open plan office is great for flexibility. If your team changes size frequently, if you hold events in your business, or if you want to adopt an agile workplace, it’s much easier to make quick changes to an open plan office than a closed one.

Because an open office is easier to clean and requires less overhead than an office full of cubicles, there can also be significant cost savings in an open plan environment.

Whether you choose an open plan or closed office, make sure you have an experienced office fit out team on hand to work out the kinks. Contact Office Innovations today on 0115 9257898 and find out how your space can work better for you.

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